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The programme to reconnect you to your own innate wellbeing, happiness and resilience through videos, books, podcasts and webinars


What does Resilience mean to you?

So what does resilience mean to you?  We've all come across people that we think are resilient because it’s resilient people that recover from a hard knock, from a difficult circumstance, isn’t it? Maybe someone who failed before they succeeded, people who overcame obstacles.    

 Psychologists talk about building resilience as if it was a wall to protect you from harm.  But what if I told you that resilience is innate?  You can't lose it and you don't need to build it up. Resilience is as natural to you as your immune system and, just like your immune system, you can suppress it but it is always there.

This programme will remind you just how resilient you are. You always have reslience. It’s built in to the system. Cells repair and regenerate and are replaced. That is resiliency in action.

 I'm not offering you ways to find resilience but, rather, I'm helping you to uncover your own resilience in fun and informative ways so you can feel confident and happy whatever the circumstances


This programme is for you if you want to:



Feel less stressed ...

We all feel stress from time to time.  It appears to be normal, after all everyone experiences it sometimes, don't they?

And we know that in it's extreme form, stress can kill - but what is stress?  Stress affects health, happiness and quality of life but what if everything you knew about stress was wrong?  

What if you discover what stress is and where is comes from?  And, more importantly, how  to let go of stressful feelings?


Feel less anxious ...

You know the feeling of acute anxiety when you experience all the symptoms of the fight or flight syndrome?

But how about the low level anxiety that many of us suffer?  The feeling of insecurity and fear that dogs us every day.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to let go of worrying about things that happened in the past or things that might happen in the future - well you can!

See the world differently ...

Do you ever feel as if your view of the world has grown too small?  

That you're stuck in old beliefs and ideas and it feels as if 'this is who you are' and it's too difficult to change?

How about if your world opened up to limitless proportions?  

What would you do if you could do anything?

Feel peace more of the time ...

There are times in our lives when everything drops away and our mind settles.  When we feel absolute peace.  

Would you like to have that feeling more often.  How about if you could feel like this whatever was happening in your life?

Yes, I mean it.  Whatever is happening.  Financial problems, relationship worries, illness - these things happen but what if you could deal with whatever is going on from a peaceful place?

Have better relationships ...   

We all want better relationships, don't we?  I can't promise you a life in which you'll never have an argument and be filled with lightness and love all of the time.

But I can show you how to live from a loving place more of the time.

How to get out of the sticky feeling that upset brings and back in to a good feeling with your partner, sibling, parent, child or colleague.


Have the best life possible ...

This doesn't have to mean that you win the lottery or have a mansion on the beach in a hot country.

This means that you can have all of the above.  

To feel less stressed, less anxious, to enjoy limitless possibilities even though nothing may change materially, to feel peace and joy more of the time and enjoy wonderful relationships.

That sounds like the best life you could have, doesn't it?

The foundation of this programme is for us to understand the psychological truth about how the mind works and how to see that we are, always, resilient beings.

In the same way that I share a new, revolutionary paradigm with my one to one clients, this paradigm will underpin all that we do in this programme so that you can access your resilience with ease and grace.

So what is this paradigm? It’s the three principles of mind, consciousness and thought that each and every one of us live from. Mind is energy, it’s what makes the tides come in and out and grows the grass. For some people this is spirit and for others it’s God. But none of us exist without this universal energy. Thought is how we make sense of the world. Thought too is just energy in our head and the form we put on that energy gives us our reality, and thought is brought alive by consciousness. Consciousness makes every thought we have seem real. Because it is real to us in that moment.

This understanding isn’t new. It’s a truth that has been pointed to since time began so why is this a new paradigm? Because these principles are a clear model that point people to the simple truth of where our experience and feelings come from and when you see this, you can never again doubt your own resilience.

The resources in this programme will help you to know that you’re ok no matter what is happening in your world. You can be ok with the ups and downs in life and look forward to good things without imagining that your happiness depends on these good things.

But whilst this will be the foundation, don’t be concerned that all the resources on this site will be single track. That would be boring, wouldn’t it? No, I’ll be reviewing a wide range of books, have speakers from different areas including food, health and business and lots of lots of goodies to stimulate your interest and keep you feeling fabulous.

The Resilience Programme provides fresh, new content every month.  There won't be any rehashed youtube videos, old podcasts or Amazon Book Reviews, everything on this site is just for you, produced just for you and you won't find it anywhere else on the internet.


My name is Elaine and I've been working with people for over 15 years helping them to tap in to their own resilience whatever life situation they're in.  


the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties

the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape

I've worked with people struggling with relationship issues, problems at work, serious illness or bereavement and, after years of studying psychology of mind, I discovered in 2009 that there is never a time when we, as human beings, aren't resilient.

And that's what you can discover too.



Membership is now closed.  

Please email [email protected] for more information


So what do you get each month?






Each Monday you'll get an espresso size video in your email box with a weekly shot of something to kick start your week.  These videos will also be available here on the site for you to come back to whenever you want.


You'll get monthly access to me as we get together for a webinar and I'll open up the lines for any questions or thoughts you might have, live and in person.


Each month you'll have a new podcast to listen to with thought leaders from many different fields including, but not exclusively, Three Principles as well as wellbeing, anxiety, food and health.



Book Discussion

Each month I'll talk to you about a book that resonates with me, as if we are in a conversation together, sitting in the same room.  This is like our very own book club, so grab a cup of something nice and join me.


You'll have access to a private Resiliency Programme Facebook group where you'll be in a community of like-minded people sharing thoughts, ideas and questions. This is a safe space for you to explore whatever you want to.


There is also a resource library of curated items for you to access at anytime including books, audios, videos and talks



Membership is now closed.  

Please email [email protected] for more information


Your membership will be auto-renewed at £19.99 per month and invoiced every month.  You can cancel at any time.